Academic Event: Digital Dental Workflow

Presentation of the course:

Patients have always demanded quick, inexpensive and minimally invasive treatments, which is why they constantly want to know the latest and most innovative solutions. Today, it is easy for dental practice to meet the growing needs of patients by adopting a digital flow that improves collaboration with the team at all stages of treatment, from diagnosis to planning, from communication with the patient finalization. Throughout the day, new solutions and technologies will be presented with demonstrations and real-world cases that can transform the dental practice to deliver the best clinical results in the shortest time.

Our speaker Massimiliano Rossi will present the 3D Lynx workflow at the event.
Currently CTO at 3D Lynx, Italian dental software company. Thanks to a solid background built in 25 years of experience in the dental field, he has an in-depth knowledge of the national and international dental market.
Since 2013, his creative spirit of innovation has given rise to the creation of a project dedicated to smile design with its integration into a three-dimensional guided workflow. The goal is to improve communication between professionals and the patient, ensuring predictability.
Reference speaker for several companies in the sector, with a focus on digital dental aesthetics.

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