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Smile Lynx is the innovative and easy-to-use software for the Smile Design.

Only 2 photos are required to develop a project and in less than 10 minutes the Dental Professional is ready to amaze his/her patient with the “before” and “after” pictures.

The project can then be imported into the CAD Lynx 3D Software, allowing the laboratory to print or mill the mock-up.
To work with real measurements, it’s necessary to calibrate the Software.

The calibration tool, included in the price with the lifetime license, allows you to automatically and easily calibrate the picture.
Moreover, it’s a useful device to position the head of the patient during the photographic session.

Smile Lynx is available for Windows and MacOs.

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Smile Lynx is the easy-to-use Software to present patients the smile of their dreams!

What is Smile Lynx

Smile Lynx, the Digital Planning Smile Design Software, allows dentists to design patients the smile of their dreams.
In fact, in less than 10 minutes, the dentist shows an amazing “before” and “after” to the patient, during the first appointment.
Smile Lynx improves the communication dentist-patient and dentist-dental technician.

The patient easily understands the treatment plan through pictures and has full confidence in the professional thanks to a conjunctly well-planned treatment and the dental technician can rely on accurate information to finalize the work.

How does it work

  1. Take two pictures of your patient following the Smile Lynx official photographic protocol. (click here to download it)
    The two required pictures are: Intraoral (with retractors), full face (with the natural smile)
  2. Smile Planning: Import the pictures in the Smile Lynx Software, calibrate the picture, design the Smile Line and choose the photographic library among the available ones. The step-by-step process will guide you through the realization of the project.
    While showing your patient the final result, download a PDF report to be shared with the patient and the dental technician.
  3. Adopt new ways of working with the latest technologies to finalize the work in the most excellent way.
    Import the complete job and the Model of the patient in the CAD Lynx 3D Software, create your three-dimensional production and export the resulting STL file to try the mock-u in the patient’s mouth.

What do you need to start using it

It’s recommended to use a reflex camera to snap your photos, but it’s also possible to take pictures with a Smartphone. High-definition pictures engender a more realistic project.
The calibration tool, included with the lifetime purchase, is useful to position the patient’s head during the photographic session and it’s the reference tool to convert pixel in mm and work with real measures inside the Software.
The Smile Lynx Software has been developed to run on Windows and Mac Os. It’s advisable to use a mouse.

How to learn to use Smile Lynx

With Smile Lynx it is extremely easy to become experts in the Smile Design technique. In fact, the Software guides you step-by-step through the realization of the photographic preview of the patient’s new smile.
The online video tutorial will show you how to move inside the application.
Online courses are available to getting better quickly.
With a low learning curve, you will be able to show to your patients a tailor-made project in a very few minutes.

Smile Lynx – Video tutorial

Smile Lynx step by step

What is Smile Design?

Quick Smile Lynx Workflow

Smile Design Makeover

How to calibrate Smile Lynx

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