Applying the 3D Lynx systematic to a real case

3D Lynx improves the communication and interaction between the 3 main actors of the smile design: patient, dentist, dental technician.

The workflow starts with a photographic session, useful to develop the smile design project with Smile Lynx.
This becomes the first moment of sharing ideas between dentist and dental technician who agree on what to show to the patient.
Therefore, she’s been involved and once received the acceptance of the patient, dental professionals move on to the acquisition of impressions with the iAton intraoral scanner.
This is a simple procedure that does not subject the patient to an annoying use of uncomfortable impression materials and at the same time allows the dentist to monitor the general condition of the oral cavity.

Impressions together with the 2D project are imported into the CAD Lynx 3D Software and the smile design project is transformed in 3D.
In this case, the mock-up is printed directly on the patient, so in the laboratory a 3D model has been previously printed with the Anycubic printer, merging the newly made mock-up with the patient’s dental shapes. The silicone mask produced in the lab is used for the direct transfer to the patient.

The dentist will then check the occlusions and present the result to the patient, allowing her to show the outcome to family and friends.
Once this is approved, the team is ready for the conversion from temporary mock-up to definitive veneers.

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