The story of a partnership

3D Lynx and Faculty of Dental Medicine (University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova)

The context

Our university has the desire to offer students access to professional knowledge and state-of-the-art technology and, most important, to prepare them for what the future may bring.

Now that technology is everywhere around us, computers are becoming indispensable in the dentistry field, thus we believe it is of utmost importance to teach our students the role of dedicated dental software, from the following perspectives:
– technological progress is just the natural way of evolution in dentistry, like in all other fields
– it’s easier to integrate CAD/CAM solutions in dental laboratories, having employees already trained with basic knowledge in this domain.

The beginnings

There is no progress without education and there is no development without cooperation. This is how the partnership between 3D Lynx and FDM began – as 3D Lynx understood the need to include dental software in FDM curricula and make it a part of the core knowledge of future dentists. Overall, this would increase the usage of dental software in the future years to come.

Our partnership with 3D Lynx is meant to introduce students to the world of digital dentistry, through Smile Lynx and 3D CAD.

The goal of our workgroup is the evaluation of the possible protocols and the integration of digital technologies as an aid and improvement of the clinical and project work phases.

Students experience by themselves the power of software applications and this will be part of the foundation of their professional formation. When this perspective is cultivated since the first years of study, we see clear advantages:
students develop specific technical skills needed to use dental software
students are aware of the capabilities and performance that SW applications add to their profession
students get accustomed to a language that will allow them to imagine even more uses for dental software, being able to express the needs for new medical devices, equipment or new software.

Progress in the SW world is tremendous and probably, by the time they graduate, applications will have even more capabilities, but they will learn faster to adapt to the new digital world, having a well-established foundation.

Many would say that technology drives away patients from doctors, interposing between them various machines, computers, or dental software. But with Smile Lynx, we obtain exactly the opposite, as what better way to describe to the patients the final result than simply showing it on the computer screen? This not only facilitates the communication between patient and doctor, but also gives both the confidence that the final outcome is the one expected. 3D CAD brings even more precision and accuracy within the entire process, guaranteeing a correct and precise result.

Our purpose

Part of our goals:

  • to promote digital dentistry within the university classes
  • to form a complete foundation of knowledge for future dentists that will exercise their profession in a digitalized world
  • to offer students the possibility to immediately correlate specific dental information and procedures they learn in other courses with dental software, increasing their capabilities in developing interdisciplinary connections

Mihaela IONESCU, Lecturer

Department of Medical Informatics and Biostatistics, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania.

My personal experience as a teacher

I teach medical informatics and my introductory lecture is always a free discussion with my students, in which we explore what dentists have in the present and what dentists need in the future.

3D Lynx offered me the opportunity to introduce my students to a digital world that comes to the benefit of patients and increases the competitivity between physicians. Needless to say, among all my practical lessons, those classes where students effectively used Smile Design and 3D CAD were by far considered the most interesting and captivating… Everyone was so concentrated and passioned about their work, and it became even more clear to me that this needs to be a part of their education and formation as future dentists.

Digitalization is the beginning of what the future will bring. I always ask my students to open their minds and have the courage to imagine new and interesting devices and applications. And I’m positive that 3D Lynx will definitely be one of the companies that will listen and support them!