Do you know the Smile Design technique?
3 tips for editing a perfect preview

Smile Design is an avant-garde method that allows the dentist to evaluate the main needs of your treatment with the patient. Thanks to the help of particular Software already on the market, it is possible to verify together the same the need of aesthetic and functional rearrangements of the smile.

In this way, it is also possible to find the design of the smile that harmonizes with the morpho-psychological aspects of the patient, while creating a communication channel between the patient and the dentist and among the specialists involved. In fact, the face and the smile must always be in harmony.

Showing an aesthetic pre-visualization of smile design is a process that helps the patient to understand the objectives of the treatment and any related problems while the treatment is programmed allowing him/her to have available a plan that can be tested and approved before the start of the treatment itself.

The certainty of the result for the patient is an important aspect of confidence towards the professional.

Smile Lynx is the perfect Software to develop a Smile Design preview since it allows dentists to design patients the smile of their dreams.

Smile Lynx

3 tips for editing a perfect preview with the Software Smile Lynx and improve the communication with your patient:

1. Take 2 pictures of your patient: one with the natural smile and the face and the other with retractors

2. Import the pictures in the Software Smile Lynx and follow the easy step-by-step to design the smile of his/her dreams in just 8 minutes

Aesthetic evaluations are made on the type of face, lips, smile and applied the canons of beauty that respond to mathematical proportions directly on the photo with dedicated and easy-to-use tools.

Through this method the dental professional can establish in advance, and with great precision, the new length of the teeth, the shape, the position, the symmetry, the position with respect to the lips, studying a line of the new smile that best suits the aesthetics of the patient.

Communication: the patient easily understands the treatment plan through pictures and has full confidence in the professional.

3. Amaze your patient by showing the “before” and “after” pictures!

And after gaining the patient’s approval, the dental technician can rely on accurate information to finalize the work.